Q. How many ladders can each person have?

A. As many as they like.

Q. What should I give my child as a reward at the top of their ladder?

A. Ask them what they would like as long as it is realistic.

Q. What's the maximum number of steps you can have on each ladder?

A. At the moment we have capped the number of steps at 2000.

Q. Can adults use the Ladder of Achievement?

A. Yes, and we highly recommend they join in with their child to make it more fun

Q. Can I use the Ladder of Achievement for my son's spelling even if the school is not interested in using it?

A. Yes you can, just ask your school for the spellings they are testing for that term and add them to his ladder. As he completes them you can mark them yourself to see the improvement in his scores and you can then give him the reward he chose at the beginning.

Q. As a teacher, if the headteacher doesn't want to use the Ladder of Achievement, can I still use it independently for my class?

A. Yes, you can set up a Personal Achiever Ladder for your class (up to 30 students) as long as they are able to access the app/website at home, they can then add the spellings you give them to practise